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Swing by for all your Personal Server needs!

Blackbrick Services

Blackbrick provides the following services:

Personal Servers

Blackbrick has launched, our flagship service. Blackbrick is passionate about Personal Server technology. We think everyone should have their own server and we're going to do everything we can to make that future a reality. If there's anything we can do to help you adopt personal server technology then please let us know!

You can follow Blackbrick's new personal server advocacy initiative at or on Facebook or Twitter.

DevOps (Development/Operations)

Blackbrick is a DevOps company. This means we offer both computer programming (development) and systems administration (operations) services. We can offer you custom web and database solutions and then manage the hosting, administration, maintenance and monitoring for you.

If you need an information system to help you manage your business then we can help! We can deliver web-based solutions on a Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP (LAMP) stack. We can develop Microsoft Windows applications using C#, .NET, and ASP.NET. We can integrate your app with Facebook. We can develop phone apps for iPhone and Android. We can provide hosting and monitoring services for you in our managed cloud.

Database Design and Development

Need a database? We can do that! We have over 22 years experience developing custom databases for Small to Medium Enterprise.

Website Design and Development

Need an interactive website to access your database? We can do that! We have over 22 years experience developing dynamic data-driven websites.

Secure DNS/Email/Web Hosting

Need hosting, monitoring and maintenance for your dynamic website or database system? We can do that! We'll bring up your servers in our managed cloud and then make sure they stay up.

Infrastructure Virtualization for Business

Blackbrick offers an infrastructure virtualization service for business. If your business's services aren't virtualized yet you might like to give us a call so we can discuss how to lower your technology costs and improve your system's availability.

Customized Domain Name Strategy

Blackbrick can develop a domain name strategy for you. We'll come up with and execute a plan for securing your first-class brand on the Internet.

Free Web-based Utilities

As a community service Blackbrick operates a number of free web-based utilities: a Private Web-based Redirection Facility

Our service facilitates private browsing. By being a little bit clever with our HTML content and our HTTP requests we can hide where you've been from where you're going. an Unconfusable Password Generator

Blackbrick provides a free web-based utility, the Unconfusable Password Generator, at Use it when you need a new secure and unconfusable password. Unconfusable passwords don't contain characters that can easily be confused, so you and your collaborators will always know what your passwords are! an Image to Data URI Converter is an an image to data URI conversion utility. It converts images (such as PNG, GIF, JPG, etc.) to data URIs which can be embedded directly into HTML content thus obviating the need for separate image files.