Blackbrick: Empowering the Individual

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Blackbrick Community

Blackbrick is involved with a number of communities:

Our People

Blackbrick has worked with a number of key people, you can read about them and what they do on the People Behind Blackbrick page.

ProgClub: the Programmers' Club

Blackbrick sponsors a club for computer programmers called ProgClub which is on the web at

ProgClub is Blackbrick's platform for development of its free software projects and ProgClub provides facilities for communication and open-source software development.

Business Development Mailing List: bizdev

The bizdev mailing list is a private mailing list where interested parties discuss Blackbrick technology projects and business strategy. If you know John or Thomas and would like to participate in discussions about Blackbrick's strategies and plans then you might like to email John and ask to be added to the list.